On the Eve of a Birthday

In a few short hours, I will have completed a journey of life that has taken me 51 times around our nearest star. Although we as humans mark this journey at the visceral level by the delimiter of time, it is much more a celebration of life itself and all it entails. For me it has been: 
51 years of sunrises and joys and 51 years of sunsets and sadness; of those who have walked into my life and of those who are no longer with me on this world, relegated now to the cavernous vaults of my memories. 51 years of learning and discovering; with each year bringing more understanding and at the same time, an even greater realization of what is yet to be understood.
51 years of friendships made. 51 Years of people who have walked with me in my life. Some have walked but a mile and many have marched miles more; yet each person who has walked with me has imparted me with gifts that shall ever be a part of my being.
But what of this past year? What is it that I am thankful for since the last 20th of May? This has been for me, an amazing year of discovery, of change and accomplishments. I have reached farther than I ever have in this past year and found that I was supported by those around me, buoyed up by their belief in me and bolstered in my strength through theirs in me. The admonitions I oft held for myself melted into oblivion through what love and support I have found
This has been the year that has further solidified my sense of self, of being. Understanding and accepting that I have always been a woman at heart and a woman in my soul has manifested and blossomed physically, spiritually and sensually through those around me. I have had the privilege to begin to feel as the woman I am, in ways I had only conjectured I might feel in years past. The feelings are amazing and indescribable in their intangibility yet they are such a core to myself as I truly am as a woman. 
I have been blessed to find myself in the company of those who bring spark to my life in ways where the fires of my adventurous soul had, in recent years, diminished and dwindled to but glowing embers of hope. I held onto that hope such that I might regain that spirit and to begin adventures anew. A nomad I am at heart, but relegated to the mundane I have been, taking care of business which had to be taken care of; taking care of people who needed my presence in lieu of emptiness in their own lives as they struggled in my family to struggle in their own lives this past year. I am feeling hopeful that the ensuing year will bring new adventures with special people in my life this year who hold similar vision.
The coming year shall bring many changes as my journey starts to accelerate forward. I have held back on the brakes of a roaring engine for far too long now. It is time to let go and to experience all that life has to offer me as a woman. Who will be on this journey with me? My arms remain outstretched and open to accept all into my life who wish to share it....because life without sharing is but simply self existence. Be with me, if you wish to walk the most unique of paths, as I share what amazing discoveries are found in the year ahead. My life is better because of you; you who walk with me; you who are part of what makes my birthday very happy.


  1. Thank you, Christen, for your gorgeous thoughts, expressed, in this posting, on your birthday. May you continue to blessed, and grow, as a woman, you are.

  2. Best wishes on your birthday, I hope the coming year is as rewarding as the past. How is your spouse and family been accepting of your changes?

  3. Happy Birthday and many, many more! God Bless You, you are truly inspirational!
    Love and Peace,


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