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I'm quite sure I picked up the wrong one on my way out the door....

Sunday, July 17, 2016

I am Woman

I am a woman

I am a work in progress

I accept who I am

I do not require acceptance or validation from anyone.

I care about you as much as you will do the same in return.

No one person completes me.  I complete myself.  You may, however, complement my life.  I will, in kind, complement the life that is yours

I am loyal and devoted to the same extent that you are to me.

I will always add to your life in like kind if you add to mine.

If you attempt to coerce, force or take from me, you are a manipulator.  I will not budge.  I will battle you on the ground upon which you stand for the right to be who I am.

I will always listen to you.  I will always hear your words and your opinions.

I will decide for myself.  You may be a part of that decision but you cannot decide for me.  Do not try.

I do not take *hit from anyone.  *hit is best used as fertilizer.  Put it on a farm.

I do not take pleasure in power or control.  I take pleasure in unifying love and connecting all people

I believe uniqueness is a gift we each share.  Those who do not revel in its splendors and appreciate its worth are abject fools with narrow minds.  I have no place for you in my life.

I have an infinite amount of love to give.  Accept it if you will but do not abuse the gift I give.

Do not bargain with love.  I will accept none for which strings and conditions are attached.

I will make mistakes

I will hold myself accountable when I do

I will listen, learn and understand from the mistakes I make

I will grow as a person from having made those mistakes.

Like a fine wine.  I will only improve with age.

I am myself.

I am a woman.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Journey

Of friends I have many
Of soulmates; rarely true
They are friends along a journey
To places I never knew

I never wanted to take this trip
But of choices I had so few
The one I chose not to take
Leaves me writing this to you.

Careful not to turn your head!
Looking back you will often cry
For what once was can never yet be
The past is where one dies.

So in perpetual motion I maintain
One step ahead of the past
One step ahead of the memories of what was
Whisps of peace that rarely last.

I tire of the distractions
The things I do each day
But necessary they truly are
Demons of darkness held at bay

Standing in the shower
Tears mixing with the rain
Feeling lost within the droplets
As sadness goes down the drain.

In silence, in the darkness
When I lay in bed alone
In sleepless dreams they come again
And live within my home.

With morning sun I shake them off
They vaporize as morning dew
Another day where they are held at bay
They will return at night anew

So I count all of my blessings
And realize my wants are still a dream
Of something that is oft rarely found
And leave them buried and unseen

-Christen Bustani