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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Christmas Miracle

There are a number with who I have chatted, who retort that there is but a binary in sex. There is man and there is woman, alone. In their view, gender and sex are considered as two words which equate as the same, are not separable and cannot be dichotomous. In my conversations and chats on many of the religious news sites scattered liberally across the internet, I have come to find this position to be rather consistent. It has always been my premise when in such forums, not to attempt to forcibly change opinion or dissuade others in their beliefs. Rather, my forays into such realms are only in an attempt to bring about awareness that often what we consider to be as rote and stolid and undeniable fact may not always be as it seems.

Many thought the Earth to be flat as Columbus sailed off, only for him to  rediscover that it was not. Galileo maintained and promoted the heliocentric view of the solar system and a fundamental which all school children learn today... that the Sun and planets did not orbit the Earth as the Church had decried but rather that the Earth was but one of many planets orbiting it's Sun.  For Galileo's argument and challenge to the established doctrine of the Church, his life was threatened by the religious heads at the time for heresy.   In a similar vein, Newton's laws of kinematics were found only to be valid within a stable set of parameters - so long as mass and speed were not involved. Einstein realized that there was something not explained by Newton and the realization of Quantum mechanics was born.   What we thought we knew for fact, was challenged and proved otherwise or to be simply a subset of a greater understanding which we had yet to come to sense and to realize.

In the face of the oft-seeming contradictory religious rhetoric, it is my only intent through a personal perspective held and facts learned through current research, to bring forth the premise that there simply may be more than the binary of sex and of gender that could exist... and that the two are mutually exclusive and disparately separate continuums. There are many of the opinion that to consider a non-binary solution to human-kind is to be perverse in the eyes of creation and of God.  What science has come to discern and beginning, in quantitative ways to prove is that we are not defined by the premises of a binary at all.

Perhaps there is concern, as their was when Galileo challenged church doctrine to push the heliocentric model of the solar system, that to challenge what had been written and taken as rote might diminish the word of God and the power of the church.  But even as we learned that the Sun and planets did NOT orbit the Earth, it did not diminish the church at the time nor of the concept of God.  In fact, to those who hold a religious conviction of creation, It only affirmed more that He does exist by the miracles of the complexities which only He can create and which we are only still coming to learn. Question everything, and even still the answers learned in the process of learning and understanding do not, for those of faith, point away from God, but even more towards Him.  It is, perhaps, this realization, that the answer itself is far more complex than the dogma that had been blindly followed.  It is, perhaps true that what we discover as we question, is more complex and miraculous than could be imagined.

And so this, in essence, is my own stance.... ... to provide a point of reference and perspective to allow one to question what they think they know and perhaps to understand that there is more to who we are.... and the more we come to know and celebrate our findings.... our similarities... our differences, the less we find we really do understand of everything in total.    And perhaps, embedded within that realization, deep within...  we find the essence of what IS, truly, the miracle of creation....