Winter's Wonderland

"Winter's Wonderland"

The beauty of a winter's snow is fine
When days of sun and play ensue
Yet this season's deluge doth not imbue
A bucolic serenity within my mind.

Of forty days and forty nights
Of ice and snow that never ends
For those who visit, it serves a fright
Of snow so deep and roofs which bend.

With a stoical sigh and a stolid look
With rake and hammer I climb up high
Ascending the roof for reasons why
Clearing a way for reindeer that fly.

Yet none shall need cleared a landing pad
For Santa's schedule is so very well planned
His visit came before all the snow we've had
Now on a tropical beach is he in sun and sand.

And while I make ice cubes of glaciers on high
Watching them plummet with pleasure and glee
I listen for the birds and hear not a cry
In their migration next fall will likely be me.

-Christen Bustani

This was written after having spent the better part of yesterday morning trying to clear snow and ice off my roof.  This winter has been enough to cause many to really feel defeated.


  1. They seem to get longer every year, don't they? So little Sun around here just sucks the life out of me.


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