Fitting Into My Genes: Who is Christen?

I know I post a lot on here regarding being transgender and transitioning and all of that, but I haven't told you much of anything about "me", the person.  I know this won't interest everyone, and I will attest firmly that I am NOT writing this to impress anyone or to show some sort of prowess.  Far from it.  I simply want to add some dimension to this "two dimensional characterization" that it is easy to be swallowed up within in a blog whose motivation has been in discussion of all things transgender for me.

My life is much more.  Being being a woman who had to play the act of a guy for 45 years is simply one small facet of my life.  My life is much more.  It is a culmination thus far of an array of adventures and accomplishments that mesh together in some unique and personal way to paint an entire collage, an entire painting of who I am.  We each have our own unique collages of our lives and I love to learn about the amazing facets that make up the lives of others who graciously share with me.

This is my collage.  These are some of the things I love and have done in life.... in no specific order....

Astronomy and Astrophotography: Telescopic observations of all things heavenly

Meteorology:  I keep a weather station and have been known to enjoy following weather and climate realms.

Model Railroading:  I once had a huge empire with custom built and airbrush painted locomotives.

Life Guard:  Somewhere along the line I picked up life saving skills and lifeguard certification

Electronics: When I'm bored, I build gadgets from electronic components.  My favorite project was a device that could be used to listen to the sounds of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)

Scuba Diving:  Certified diver and have been on two shark dives and a "wall dive" (think the movie "Abyss")

Sailing:  Captain of our high school sailing team, won the cup for the school, taught sailing to many including several blind individuals, accredited for heavy weather sailing and sailed boats up to 28 feet in length.

Hiking:  Many mountains in places from New Hampshire to Alaska to Iceland and all over.

Photography: Outdoors, wildlife and scenic compositions, some unique.  Have done developing of B&W film.

Kayaking:  I love being outdoors on the water....period.  I find it so relaxing.

Camping and Backpacking:  Ask me about the stories.... there may be need for a glass of wine.

Water-skiing:  I can't do any stunts but I was fine enjoying the ride when I did.

Downhill skiing and cross country skiing.  I prefer the latter now because of cost but used to love skiing the double-black diamond trails and the moguls.

Snowshoeing and ice skating:  I love both of these as well!

Travel:  I like obscure places.  Disneyworld?  Las Vegas?  Boring to me.  I have so many weird stories from odd places like Labrador, Iceland, Alaska, the Carribean.... just ask.

Writing and Poetry:  I love both but my creativity seems to spark when I feel depressed or down.

Cooking and Baking:  I love both and I love trying to create many different dishes from around the world.
Music:  I'm teaching myself to play the Synthesizer and having a blast.

Advocacy:  I'm working with several groups to help further human and civil rights and to act as an ear to many others in the community who need to vent and just talk with a friend.

Home Remodeling:  I taught myself how to build a room, do the drywall, insulation, ceilings, floors, electrical outlet wiring and overhead lighting wiring.  My second project was a walk-in cedar closet built from nothing.  Then it was rebuilding the outdoor deck.

Wildlife rehabilitation:  I was lucky enough to come across a days old baby Robin which I nursed and then physically taught hunting skills to after release (she kept coming back to me for lessons).  I also volunteered many moons ago at Boston's Museum of Science to take care of all of their animals including a wonderful old owl name Spooky and a VERY big Boa constrictor.

Automotive:  I used to do my automotive work and tune-ups back in the day when one used such items as a "strobe gun" to do timings.  (I'm getting old)

Woodworking and Metalworking:  I have pieces of my history locked into the creations once made

Makeup Artistry:  It's no lie. I love being able to create a look, an attitude, an emotion through the pallette of colors, light and shadow that is makeup.  I find it relaxing and creative (when I have the time)

Dancing and Karaoke:  I love them both... and my singing voice and confidence on stage has improved.

Being a Pain in the Ass:  I get BORED VERY EASILY and apparently have an IQ of 135-140... which doesn't mean a thing in my book because the measure of a person is in their heart and their heart alone.  Still, if I am bored, I cause mischief and trouble.

I still have a lot I would like to do....and hope yet to add to this adventure of life.  Me transitioning to a woman?  That's small stuff compared to the big picture of what the world has to offer.  I'm glad to be a part of it and to have so many friends and loved ones to share this adventure with.  You all rock!



  1. I love this, and it is so true. We are so much more than JUST transitioning. Thank you for posting this.


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