Paradigm Shifts: Societally Contrived Concepts of Gender are Changing Around the World

 "Japan is seeing an explosion in sales of male beauty products and the spread of male cross-dressing."

We are witnessing a shift and change in the ideology of the world as we continue to break down societally pre-conceived concepts of gender expression.

Society has seen, in the past 100 years, the rise of women to be able to express as men, right down to their choice of clothing if they so desire.  That's a move "up" in a patriarchal society that had always put men higher on the totem than women.  Women's suffrages and rights have come to change that.

Still, society has had a difficult time with the reverse... seeing any expression of the feminine as a step downward.  Descriptives such as "girly", "effeminate", "emasculated" are often used.  Even sexual identity is often mis-labeled and such a male may be considered to suddenly be "gay"
for so cross-dressing.

If women can express their masculine side and work and be right alongside men, then men have the same rights to extend beyond their own societally defined "boxes" as well.  What's good for the goose has also to be good for the gander, lest we by hypocrites in action and deed.

And if anyone believes that portraying a "feminine side" is akin to being "sissy", "weak" or "girly", then they've just downplayed genetically born women to being the same for what they already are.....

In the following link, we see a trend and progressive change as these societally contrived stereotypes are breaking down.  Change is inevitable and it's in motion around the world.

Watch this and feel free to comment and share....


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