Positive Happenings in the State of New Hampshire!

This has been an exciting past month as more people within the state, as well as nationally, are coming to learn and hear more about what it means to be transgender.  The recent case of a young Colorado girl who has been banned from using the restroom congruent to her internal gender in school is the latest case in point.  With Colorado already having laws in place protecting gender identity and accommodation based upon gender identity, this case will be setting the stage for precedent in many other states based upon final rulings made.

Within the state of New Hampshire, we are seeing a lot of traction and a lot of inquisitive people who want to come to learn what it means to be gender variant.  I recently appeared on stage as part of a panel of transgender individuals at Plymouth State University.  The auditorium was packed and it was so great to be able tell our stories and to field questions from the next generation of more open minded youth who will inhabit this world.  The school newspaper did a quick follow-up with us after the seminar and promised to give us press space and positive exposure as well.  Additional engagements as part of the diversity project at Plymouth State will be likely in the future as well.  UNH at the Durham campus also have been very active in the past month with similar diversity activities.

As well too, Transgender New Hampshire, of which I am also a steering committee member, recently had a social event for the public in nearby Hooksett, NH.  Link to our page: (TG-NH).  This potluck event was a smash hit and we had great attendance from a large number of individuals (some from Tri-ESS!!!) as well as from specific organizations who have indicated that they would be backing us and learning from us to assist in their own understanding of transgender issues..  One specific person I had the opportunity to meet was a representative from the Concord Feminist Health Center who was eager to outreach to us in her attempt to learn more about the specific medical and health needs within the transgender community.  This person was acting as liaison within her company to help bridge the gap of knowledge and lack of understanding by many in the medical realm in her organization and to bring them up to speed as to how best to be inclusive of the needs of transgender women.   It was an exciting night with a LOT of energy and love in the room!  TG-NH plans on having four socials per year and we hope to see you at one of our next social events to come!

There may be more room for outreach as I’ve been asked to enter into discussions as to the feasibility of perhaps my doing a traveling internet based talk show to help expose and highlight specific areas of change and of topics within the gender variant community.  Such a show could be very informative and educational as we attempt to further outreach using whatever media and mediums are available to best advantage.

The days of closeted cross-dressing are nearing an end as the world comes to realize the volumes of individuals who have been hiding, are no longer willing to do so in this day and age.  Our contributions to the world must be measured in the character of who we are in sum total and not by the clothes we wear or the gender we present to the world as.  Our time is at hand and the opportunities are presenting themselves to us now.   Keep up the great work everyone as we each and everyone of us are making a difference in standing up for who we are!


  1. Hi Christen,

    I for one am watching this situation in Fountain Colorado very closely because this wonderful little girl, Coy Mathis, parents names Kathryn and Jeremy, is taking place only a few miles from my home.

    GLAAD and TLDEF are directly involved with the whole case against the school district that has made the decision to make Coy use the boys restroom or the teachers restroom(adult), or the nurses restroom(for sick children). Coy is neither an adult or sick, and definitely not a BOY.

    Stay tuned for further updates.


    Cynthia XX

  2. You are fortunate to live in a state (area) that is quite progressive. I am a Dallas Texas girl and I have become to hate my home state because of it's backward, conservative majority. Maybe I will have left this mean and narrow minded place behind sooner than later. Thanks.


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