TransGender New Hampshire: Working to Help Secure Human and Civil RIghts in our State

This has been a very busy past month for me as I’ve been a part of a team that has been working to form a Human and Civil Liberties Rights Group in the state of New Hampshire.  Our group is called “TGNH” – TransGender New Hampshire, and we are working to secure rights within our state to help us all!
Did you know or realize that transgender rights within the state of New Hampshire are severely lacking or non-existent at present?
Did you know that an individual who identifies as transgender can be fired from their job, denied basic housing opportunities as well as basic human and civil rights?
On August 11, 2012, TGNH will be rallying for support in unison together to help lead the way in helping to secure these basic human and civil liberties and rights for those who identify as transgender and reside within the state of New Hampshire!
If you would be interested in supporting us in this very important cause, your individual support would help to leverage and secure a more expansive and positive policy change and help to make a huge positive leap for us all!
If you are not comfortable in being out and about in your female persona, it is not a problem.  If you are not comfortable with being at the public event,, it is not a problem.  We need support help as well….. helping to make posters and support materials is another way to help and we will be doing this on that Saturday Morning when we meet in Manchester!
If you have ever felt uncomfortable with being truthful to your own sense of self for fear of what others might say or in how they would react, then this is the time to consider that we make a change instead of hiding.  The world will never know a better place if we do not make strides, even in very small increments, to try to make those changes.  Do it for yourself and do it for those who have yet to be born into this world so that it may be a better world for them in the days yet to come…… so that they may not have to struggle with the identity issues, the prejudice and the lack of understanding which the greater world has held.  We are making strides.  The media, corporations and the public are becoming more and more aware of who we are and are taking steps to insure that we are moving forward.  We cannot do it without each of us taking a stand…. And so please consider being a positive part of tomorrow, today!

Transgender Leadership Academy – Concord, NH


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  2. Wow! Thank You Hilda for those beautiful sentiments! I'm simply trying to life life as honestly and openly as possible and to share as much as I can with others and learn from others along this intricate road we call life! ((hugs!))


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