A Surprising Week - Coming Out to a Friends Young Daughter and a Job Offer

What an amazing past few days.....  

 It was without my looking for one, that just this past week, I was offered a job as my true self, as Christen.  
Although my life is not at a point to undertake such a realm at this juncture, perhaps one day it will.   I find it so reassuring that there are many who believe in who I am, perhaps more so than I ever have felt I believed could be within myself.   

It was also in this past weekend  that I was able to have the the opportunity to come forward as my true self to the family of a very close friend.  

I will admit, that I was terrified as to how their 11 year old daughter would respond to me..... this, a girl who who does not know the meaning of the word transgender nor that I am.  This, a girl who I am told does not often warm up to others she has known for years, found a special place cuddling next to me on the couch in the span of a few hours.   I was terrified that she would not understand, when, on the very next day that I would see her again on a mountain hike we were to do with myself in male mode.   To my very amazement, when I saw her again, I was still the same person.... I was Christen, albeit with shorter hair and no makeup.... but I was the same exact person to her as I was when I was the fully decked out woman she had just met the day before.   

I can not fully express the feelings of elation, of relief and of amazement in which others have found trust in the truth of character of who I am.   The shell of the person who presents means little when others seek to understand and come to realize the nature of the true soul of a person.   I am just simply in awe of so many things!


  1. I share your joy!

    Such a concise and powerful piece. :)

  2. Isn't this what we are constantly striving to achieve? Acceptance as our true selves, whether dressed to the nines or not. You certainly must have shown your true colors as it is nearly impossible to fool a child. They somehow seem to see right through the false facades.

    I loved this post,Christen!




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