Birthday Wishes

This blog entry is a bit different from most in that I wanted to capture a few of my more memorable birthday moments from successfully completing a ride on this planet for yet another year.  That in itself may not be much of an accomplishment but perhaps more so, the lessons learned, the friendships made and the lives touched in that past year have been very memorable

I've been getting involved with PFLAG, which is an organization which works as a group to assist those who identify as GLBT and those parents and family members of those so gifted.  Many new friendships have been made and opportunities to assist in the community have been unlocked.  This next year will be even more exciting, I feel, as a direct result!  I'm also finding ways to connect at the political level and in assisting with increasing visibility towards providing equal protection and rights under the law in New Hampshire for those who do identify as transgender.  Hopefully we can bring about some positive education and positive changes as a result of these efforts at the state level!

In celebration of my birthday, my darling spouse entreated me to do something with the bananas on our counter which were well on their way into turning into a science experiment for new lifeforms.  Fortunately, a quick search on google combined this un-a-peeling impending biological disaster with the task set forth of generating birthday goodies in the form of a banana cake!

            Homemade Banana Cake with Vanila Cream Frosting

A couple of days later, J and I had our usual GNO.  it was one of those evenings where I found a skirt that I wanted to wear, then tried to reverse engineer some kind of purple themed outfit to deck this ensemble out in.  J helped out as we both tore the closet apart and scattered clothes all over the bed in the process.   In the end, I think we came up with a cool outfit that really worked in our opinions!

We shot a few pics after getting back from out outing, as seen below.  The makeup did hold up as did both of us..... well.... as good as can be expected for 1:00am.  J set up the camera and I did the honors for posterity.....


This last one above was an interesting pose.   We both had a good chuckle over it.
I'm calling it "Pose #642 - Slightly Smug with a Side of B**ch"

"Yeah.... I'm 3 Years Old... You Got a Problem with That?"

Thanks to the wonderful friends at our local restaurant (that includes everyone including our wonderful waitress/bartender with personality extraordinaire who brought me this low-calorie tribute to my turning three years old).

Lots of love to my darling spouse who has been right there with me through all the ups and downs we have shared in life and who really has helped me realize all of who I am.  It has been a growing experience for the two of us... one with good days and some bad... with highs and lows emotionally.  Our secret has been in our open communication and our listening to each other and in both of us giving to the other without always taking.  Being transgender can make all of this a challenge and it would be very easy for me to continue to take without taking thought to giving back.  Hopefully I'm doing a good job balancing it all and those who try to manage two identities and two worlds will know full well how hard this can be.  But it is all worth it when you are married to the one person who makes you feel complete.

I look forward to another year and the experiences and friendships to be had.

Hugs to All!



  1. A very happy birthday to you, Christen.

    It's wonderful to hear about the lovely relationship you and your wife have. My best to both of you.


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