The Christmas Miracle

There are a number with who I have chatted, who retort that there is but a binary in sex. There is man and there is woman, alone. In their view, gender and sex are considered as two words which equate as the same, are not separable and cannot be dichotomous. In my conversations and chats on many of the religious news sites scattered liberally across the internet, I have come to find this position to be rather consistent. It has always been my premise when in such forums, not to attempt to forcibly change opinion or dissuade others in their beliefs. Rather, my forays into such realms are only in an attempt to bring about awareness that often what we consider to be as rote and stolid and undeniable fact may not always be as it seems.

Many thought the Earth to be flat as Columbus sailed off, only for him to  rediscover that it was not. Galileo maintained and promoted the heliocentric view of the solar system and a fundamental which all school children learn today... that the Sun and planets did not orbit the Earth as the Church had decried but rather that the Earth was but one of many planets orbiting it's Sun.  For Galileo's argument and challenge to the established doctrine of the Church, his life was threatened by the religious heads at the time for heresy.   In a similar vein, Newton's laws of kinematics were found only to be valid within a stable set of parameters - so long as mass and speed were not involved. Einstein realized that there was something not explained by Newton and the realization of Quantum mechanics was born.   What we thought we knew for fact, was challenged and proved otherwise or to be simply a subset of a greater understanding which we had yet to come to sense and to realize.

In the face of the oft-seeming contradictory religious rhetoric, it is my only intent through a personal perspective held and facts learned through current research, to bring forth the premise that there simply may be more than the binary of sex and of gender that could exist... and that the two are mutually exclusive and disparately separate continuums. There are many of the opinion that to consider a non-binary solution to human-kind is to be perverse in the eyes of creation and of God.  What science has come to discern and beginning, in quantitative ways to prove is that we are not defined by the premises of a binary at all.

Perhaps there is concern, as their was when Galileo challenged church doctrine to push the heliocentric model of the solar system, that to challenge what had been written and taken as rote might diminish the word of God and the power of the church.  But even as we learned that the Sun and planets did NOT orbit the Earth, it did not diminish the church at the time nor of the concept of God.  In fact, to those who hold a religious conviction of creation, It only affirmed more that He does exist by the miracles of the complexities which only He can create and which we are only still coming to learn. Question everything, and even still the answers learned in the process of learning and understanding do not, for those of faith, point away from God, but even more towards Him.  It is, perhaps, this realization, that the answer itself is far more complex than the dogma that had been blindly followed.  It is, perhaps true that what we discover as we question, is more complex and miraculous than could be imagined.

And so this, in essence, is my own stance.... ... to provide a point of reference and perspective to allow one to question what they think they know and perhaps to understand that there is more to who we are.... and the more we come to know and celebrate our findings.... our similarities... our differences, the less we find we really do understand of everything in total.    And perhaps, embedded within that realization, deep within...  we find the essence of what IS, truly, the miracle of creation....


  1. I'll just say one thing, from a scientific standpoint.... Columbus did NOT sail to prove the Earth was or was not flat. The ancient Greeks had proven the earth was round by measuring the shadow of a stick at Syrene and on the same day measured the shadow of the same length stick in Alexandria. From this they deduced (wrongly as it turned out) that the Earth was 24000 miles in circumference.

    As to challenging the dogmas imposed, you are spot on. As a student of the history of astronomy I see the publications of Galileo as truth. Remember when the Apollo astronauts dropped a hammer and a feather on the Moon? Precisely. It proved that mass (no matter how much) accelerates uniformly in a gravitational field and the theory had it's proof. So maybe the theories and expositions about how we, as gender variant human beings, will come to be seen as proven and not signs of the Apocalypse. Democritus predicted the existence of atoms before they had proof they did or a ways to see them and prove it scientifically. Many Greeks thought the Earth orbited the Sun and not the other way around (again a correct assumption)... How many years must go by before we glean that gender is just a word and the inner essence and beauty of a person is what we should be admiring and treating with amazement?


  2. Ah... very true that Columbus did not set sail for such reasons... but knowledge found was once again lost... for as he sailed, there were those who began to doubt his veracity and there were many who still held onto the geocentric realm where the Earth was the center of the Universe. It was a continuation of the power which the church held and one which many believed fervently.... It is amazing, I find, how much power an entity can have so as to subjugate the intelligent mind in the face of fact.... something which even today still happens....

  3. While there is little doubt of the power of subjugation over the meek, the Renaissance ran that theory over, faster and faster. See my blog on Newton... if the framework of the Universe can be 'known' and fits then questioning minds will doubt the veracity of "truth". As dear old Isaac said: "Plato is my friend - Aristotle is my friend - but my greatest friend is truth." He sought the simplicity of scientific truth over the overwhelming 'common-sense proof' that such thinking was errant nonsense. Still, I can't argue over painting a house to make it look 'new and improved' yet the innards are corroding and not worth repair.

  4. Two other slight thoughts... Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake for his heretical views that there were a plurality of worlds (this was a vastly unpopular move because he was a Dominican priest) which led to Galileo being spared this horrid treatment, proof that they realized something greater was afoot than shellacking everyone with dogmas...

    The other is Einstein... he did not believe in quantum mechanics at all. His famous quote 'God does not play dice with the Universe' shows he would not accept it. He invented a cosmological constant (his self-described 'greatest mistake') to make the observations fit his theory. Einstein never accepted the theory of quantum mechanics because it described a realm where chance ruled. If Planck's constant was larger, some very strange happenings would take place in our macrocosm. Still, as it were, despite his resistance, we slowly opened like a rose opening to greet the Sun, and thinking took on the precepts of being based on sound facts and not on presupposed ideas... Hopefully we grow from there!

  5. ahhh Christen such deep thinking is usually only done by the artists, poets, musicians and philosophers.
    i often have said that science is only exact until it is dis-proven.
    everything and everyone on this planet is still evolving not just those of use in the transgendered world.
    a friend who was working on his phd dissertation found that the more answers he came up with the more questions he had!
    and i have often felt i had both a male and female soul in me. the female one having been from another time but sort of accidentally ending up in the same body with the male one none the less. the female one is constantly pushing beyond her agreed boundaries and is constantly trying to take charge even though she agreed to exist only part of the time.

    so who knows what we will eventually find out about the mind. modern science has only touched the surface of understanding the mind.
    back in the late 1950's or early 1960's a RN friend of my mom's (also an RN) was part of a study on the effects of yoga on blood pressure. she proved she could lower her BP in the study. the Dr. refused to believe it was possible to control via her mind her BP. even his colleagues we upset by his reaction of disbelief. ironically it is now an accepted possibility to control Bp using yoga.
    and just because we can't "see" air or oxygen doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
    so time will tell in this journey.

    as a GG friend said "being transgendered does not make one mean or nice simply the person is still themselves in spite of their outward appearance".
    have a great new year!

  6. To ask another to question their religious or other dogmatic conviction when they are comfortable in that conviction is like asking an infant not to suckle at it's mother breast.
    These persons have no desire or understanding that there is need to, have nothing else that provides for their existence. This is why when you try to remove a baby from a breast it screams. The same as those with a faith that is blind believe there is no other way to sustain their value and their life.

    People in general must be inquisitive to attempt to understand any thing anyone suggests.

    One of my foundations in life are the words of JFK "Some people look at things and ask (in the pejorative) why, I like to look at things and ask(in the progressive) why not?


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