Ten Items or Less

So I popped into Lowes last night for more wainscotting and liquid nails (sigh... not the gel ones that look pretty). I walked into the store thinking I looked pretty much like a guy... and even J agreed. Apparently I don't....

Approaching the register, a youngish girl cashier announces that her register was closed... but then takes a look at me after saying this and lights up with a smile from ear to ear and decides hurriedly that she would reopen the register. It wasn't a snirky smile or one of silent laughter from her. It was that look of "I know your secret and it's way cool". So I dropped my "hey,how you doin?" sort of pretense and and wafted into girl talk with her for the next several minutes. She wasn't interested in that sort of "I'd like to go out on a date" way... She was interested in me as a unique feminine person that drew her in a positive way toward me. So recapping this with J in the car, it amazes me how much more approachable I am to most of the girls today than I was trying to play the macho guy back in college days (trust me... that failed like Fantasy Island's Herve Vallechez would playing the Tarzan role). Yeah... she saw my girls wallet and the earrings. What she saw she liked. Some people really do enjoy differences and variety in society!


  1. I'm fairly new to this world being a wife of a transgendered person. One thing I am finding out is that there are wonderful people out there that do enjoy differences and acceptance us for who we are. It's nice to run across these folks!

  2. Thank You for you posting your thoughts from your perspectives Lucy. And yes... there are more people that I have found to be fine with gender variances than ever I had imagined. Although there are also some who would disagree with the being of who I am, I have found bias and disagreement exists towards us all and that we all run into situations where we are scrutinized and judged every single day of our lives.... I think, for the most part, we just learn early on in life to ignore those sorts of antagonistic people and move on!

  3. Do you find that there is a libertarian aspect to the people of the Granite State. Their state motto of "Live Free or Die" may well display itself in the tolerance that one shows his fellow man. I won't tell you how to run your life and you don't try to tell me. Fair enough.

    Additionally, a super macho man may exude an aura that a woman would find threatening while many of us, even in guy mode, carry a latent feminine aura that is perceived in a friendly and non-threatening fashion.

    Just in the few posts of yours that I have read it seems to me that a friendly and pleasant vibe surrounds you. While it is often unspoke it is frequently felt.

    Good luck


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