Joanne's Middle Sister Finally Met Christen!

Last weekend was a spectacular one in that my spouse and I traveled down to Connecticut to visit with her middle sister, Julie and with our nephew, Joseph. Joseph has known about and been out with Christen on numerous occasions but his mother, Julie, had not... until this past weekend that is. I will admit that both Joanne and I were somewhat nervous with this evening beforehand as her sister is somewhat insecure in some situations and worries often about other's opinions.

With me dressed tastefully with a nice multi tone blouse, black sweater wrap, black jeans and some fashionable boots, I made my grand appearance for Julie. We could see she visibly taken aback and said she was amazed how good I looked and that I presented very, very well. With a level of confidence in her eyes, we all headed out for dinner. Joanne's mom was with us once again and the five of us ended up at the Olive Garden. The place was mobbed when we arrived and the wait was longer than the 15 minutes promised. With little seating room, we had to mill around in the lobby area during the wait. Julie was watching me interact with the hostess, and just generally keeping an eye on what if any oddities might be noted in this very, very crowded and close quartered environment. I later chatted with them both and they both agreed how natural I was and how invisible I was to everyone else in the restaurant. This was quite amazing a compliment I thought, especially from Julie, who was so worried that people would be laughing at the "guy in the dress". Instead, all she and they saw that night was a tastefully dressed woman with a bit of witty sense of humor instead.

Dinner went flawlessly and later, back at the house, Julie sat down with me to ask me more questions about what it was like growing up as transgender and what it felt like for me inside both then and now. She also commented separately to both Joanne and to me that I was a totally different person as Christen. I asked what she meant and how I was different. Her response was similar to many others I have heard since coming out... "That I appear happy and alive...and that when you are in your male mode as 'G', you always seemed so down and depressed" . She remarked as well that she would love to do this again anytime I am down there visiting. I'm so happy I had this opportunity and that it went so well!


  1. Christen,

    I am so happy we have some true friends and family that are there for us. True friends don't go out of their way to hurt and use you. Only people who would do this are the ones who are unhappy with their own lives.

    Hugs and Love,


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