Equality for some, but not for all....

I just saw the movie, "The Help" this evening and it was poignant and emotional. The plight of the African Americans and their abuse, estrangement and isolation from mainstream society in the formative days of the civil rights movement are very reminiscent of the treatment we, the transgender population face today in this 21st century. In similar ways, we are marginalized, victimized, isolated and our rights taken away or lessened for our being trans....

I doubt a similar movie, such as "Gun Hill Road" would stand a chance in the mainstream theaters today.... How hypocritical we are as a human race for not seeing the damage done by many in the population who say they promote equality.

And all of this hits me like a ton of bricks when I see Chaz being demeaned and belittled as a person, a human being..... simply for trying to dance on prime-time television. He is not bringing an agenda with him other than to show the world that he is another human being like anyone else who is thrilled to have the chance to not be judged by the networks for who he is and to be allowed to dance in competition.

I see too, the struggles faced by transgender individuals and the inequity in how they are treated under the law. In a case where a malicious crime is perpetuated against a trans individual, the sentence is often diminished by virtue of the sheer assumed fact that a trans person provokes another or provides reason for the actions wielded unto them simply by the variance in their presentation. It is sad to think that even freedom of expression and of self are undermined even at this base level. Fears of sexual deviance in a trans person confuse the lines between gender identity and sexual identity. One does not beget the other yet necessarily and exclusively. Unfortunately the mainstream populace does not realize this and so we are marginalized once again.

Thank goodness for the role models in our community who simply wish to live their lives and to promote an education of their own journey and to show others that they are no less and no more human than any other person we share this planet with. Let us not discriminate others who simply try to live their lives in an honest way to themselves and towards the world and who wish no malice unto others and ask only to be allowed to live their own.

Equality in this country seems truly to be a thing subjectively entitled only to those to whom it is deemed appropriate.


  1. That's only half the story, the side we all seem to want to perpetuate to and for our benefit.
    In doing so, we seem to forget in fact insult those many folk who support us. Yes, the ones who vouched for Chaz to be on the show, as he didn't get there with out some believing it would not only be a good draw. It, as well would be a plus our community.
    It always appears to me, that when we openly speak of those we accuse of being bigoted, we often forget all those that we have sat with us. Those many in the real world who may be surprised when they first meet us, yet become our friends when they get to know us.

    I will never say, that there aren't people out there that are ignorant of us and act in manners that have no compassion.

    I will always say that it is unfair to always speak of them as if they rule the world and are in the majority. In my life, I have met more people who truly believe that people have a right to be who they are, and want only to live and let live.

    If we perpetuate our hate and bigotry (we all are in some manner) We will continue to perpetuate and live in the world we speak.

    Lets start speaking in love rather then hate and fear. As one is as easily perpetuated as the other. Especially by those who claim a righteousness no matter the side they sit on.


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