Music With A Meaning

Some of the Music whose lyrics really speak what's on my mind and in my heart....

Any of the items in red are clickable to bring up the music video...

"So silent, No violence, But inside my head so loud and clear
You're screaming, Cover up with a smile I've learned to fear"
Lisa Miskovsky: "Still Alive" 

"Set Me Free" by Chasing Eidolon

"Like a Dream in the night, Who can say where we're going?"
Brian Ferry: "More Than This"

"I'm looking at myself, reflections of my mind,
It's just the kind of day to leave myself behind"
Moody Blues: "Tuesday Afternoon"

"Why do we never get an answer when we're knocking at the door?"
Moody Blues: "Question of Balance"

"Life is bigger than you... And you are not me..."
REM: "Losing My Religion"

"I reached inside myself and found... Nothing there to ease
the pressure of my ever worrying mind"
AHA: "The Sun Always Shines on TV

"Close to home I cannot say - Close to home... Feeling so far away"
Enya: "Evening Falls"

"Learn from my mistake, Leave what others take, Speak when spoken to, And do what others do. Silence always wins So silence everything. It will be all right In the morning light. Just silence everything"
AHA: "Foot of the Mountain"

"In silence she reaches out...."
Amethystium: "Treasure" 

 Something at a very subliminal level from years past prior to starting to accept and transition...
Ladytron: Destroy Everything You Touch


  1. I am a bit older than you and I came to love the songs and lyrics of
    the Moody Blues when i was 15(?) in 1968. I grew up to be an oldies radio DJ and music lover, artist, and vinyl record collector. The old songs gave me so much direction between "Days of Future Passed" until "the Seventh sojourn" Thanks.

  2. Thank you for sharing your journey and awesome videos. The spiritual music which accompanies your blog adds to that lifelong discovery of your inner self and sometimes almost brings me to tears. I agree with previous comments about the Moody Blues, my favorite group and how their songs reflected the inner self

  3. I'm a big fan of A-HA since I grew up in the eighties. I pretty much like all synthpop from that time. My fave song from A-HA was of course "Living A Boy's Adventure Tale". E.Z.


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