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A good friend posted today, a link to a blog of a man dieing of colorectal cancer.  He was an entrepeneur, a father, husband, musician and many more things.  He was 41 when he died.  He died on May 4, 2011 and he wrote his own epitaph in his blog on that day.  He gave thanks to his ability to be able to share his world with others and to be graced by a loving family.  He gave thanks for being able to be a meaningful part of this world to which he contributed much.  I was so impressed and humbled to read it and it gave me pause for reflection.  Here is the link...


I see so many who complain and whine over the trivialities in life.  Trivial in comparison to the great equalizer which awaits us all… death.  Trivialities which consume so many and yield only negative energies and wasted time.  In the transgender world, I see so many who have their eye on the prize of their goal to be at their gender destination that they miss out on what other beautiful things happen in life along the way.  I see many who arrive at their destination, living in the gender they feel they always should have and yet spend their time denigrating those who choose to live their life to less extremes or who perhaps wish not to transition fully.
What we should consider, are the situations and circumstances of others.  We should be listening and supporting and encouraging.  We should be spending our energies trying to help those around us.  The world is a difficult place enough as it is to live in and the journey of life for each of us is arduous enough as it is on it’s own that negative energies offered by others can only serve to stifle and repress.  Consider the last words of  an individual, a fellow human being, a father, a husband, a friend – who knows their last and final day on this planet and think of how you would be given the same ultimate situation.  Whose lives did you touch and for who did you make a positive difference for other than for yourself?  What would people remember you by and what selfless acts of love and kindness did you share with others?
For each of us, that ultimate day will come.  Some of us will have the foresight given to us to know that day and for many we will not.   Be the best person you can be.  Don’t fret over the trite gosssip and little annoyances which make up only the most granular bits of life.  Be a positive force and create a positive change in this world.  It starts within one person, yourself, and grows from there.
I leave you with a series of last letters written, epitaphs, that were collected and which poignantly drive these thoughts home.


They are moving in differing ways but all are striking none-the-less.  They make me ask myself…  “What have I done and what can I do for my beloved spouse, my loved ones and friends and for the world and humanity that has made a positive change and impact in their lives and those lives to come”.


  1. I don't think you should live to have a legacy. When you let go of what you are, you become what you might be. Live your life one day at a time, just as it comes to you.


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