A question was raised the other day by a transgender woman whose wife asked her why she wanted to be a woman? Guys, she said, have it so much easier in society it seems than women. She wondered if the choices we were making to be the women we felt we were inside made life easier for us given the challenges we had to face...

My answer...

Guys perhaps do have it easier in regards to presentation. They certainly don't seem to have to worry about the makeup and the hair, the clothing and the accessories quite so much as the women. They seem to receive less societal judgment and bias which makes things a bit easier.

With all of this in mind, I used to question my own identity and my desires to be the woman I am inside. Understanding the additional tedium involved with being a woman and understanding that I had created a successful life as a male did not make the logic more understandable.

The choices in life to be who I am inside do not make life easier except internally. To NOT be the woman I am within leads to anxiety and depression - something which can only be bottled up for so long. This is not a choice to be who I am. I can not suppress or choose not to be who I feel inside I truly am - not without depression and anxiety returning to rule the sanctum of my inner mind. So the only choice is the choice to either live in a state of dysphoria and depression or to embrace the additional challenges and responsibilities of integrating my life as a woman so that I may at least have an unfettered mind.

Did it bring me to a life that was "easier"?

Well - life is never easy - and choices are never absolute - but at the end of the day - if you can say that your mind is in harmony with your body - then at least it makes it possible to then go on and live your life without having to deal with the dichotomy between body and spirit each and every day.

The right choices in life are those in which you can come to the end of the day, look back at them and say... "I made the best choices I could and I can live with what those choices have dealt unto me"


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