Great Weekend with the Girls!

This past weekend 5/15-16 was a wonderful experience as Joanne and I were able to meet up with so many of our friends at once! Since Marsha and Sue were coming up from New Jersey and Connecticut respectively, and a bunch of our other friends were coming from Massachusetts, we thought to all stay at a hotel in a location central to everyone.

We arrived at the hotel about 3pm and quickly readied ourselves. Joanne set up the dining room table in our two bedroom suite with an array of place settings for doing a Mary Kay makeover which she and I were hosting. I spent the better part of two hours helping her set the table, getting the food I had prepared the day before ready and getting my makeup on.

Stacie showed up first - around 5pm to get dressed and ready and then everyone else filtered in after that. We had Sheila, Lida, Sarah, Marsha, Sue, Kelly, Helen (The Mary Kay Director coaching Joanne), Joanne and myself crammed into what was rapidly becoming a very *small* suite!

Joanne provided a makeup demonstration and I wafted between a few roles helping her with makeovers on some of the girls and entertaining. Joanne's Mary Kay Director, Helen, had seen me in guy mode the last time we met up and could not get over the variance in both my appearance and in my demeanor as Christen. She kept remarking how much more social I was in my feminine mode and could not get over it!

We all enjoyed some lasagna with Italian Bread and pizza which I had baked up earlier and then a birthday cake to celebrate Marsha, Sue and my birthday's all coming up (we are each one day off from the other - Does that say anything?)

We then wrapped up dinner and headed over to the Club 313 in Manchester, NH where we enjoyed a drag show and some dancing in the other attached room. It was so wonderful to meet up with Marsha too who I had not had the opportunity to meet in person until this evening and of course Sue, who we had not seen since last December. We also met up with quite a few from the Sister's of Boston who we see regularly at the club as well.

Sarah came back with us to our hotel as she had left a few things of hers there and we chatted and ate lasagna and cake until 4 in the morning! We were lucky enough to catch about 3 hours of sleep after that before we arose to get ready to head out with Marsha and Sue for some shopping and dinner! Our waiter, who was very much gay, was quite reserved in his manner of speech when he first introduced himself to us but it was not long until we had him laughing. His pretenses dropped quickly and his manner of speaking became more flamboyant and showy. We simply had a wonderful time that afternoon chatting with each other and just relaxing in the comfort of the sofa's we sunk into in that cozy lounge there.

All in all, an awesome weekend sharing time with so many wonderful friends. I can't wait to do it again one day soon!


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