Taking Time to Enjoy the Journey

Recently, a thought came to me.... "Happiness is the journey, not the destination" which started me to thinking about this in the context of the life I have led thus far.

Earlier in my life, I felt that happiness could be obtained by carefully mapping out my life and connecting the goals-of-life dots. The end result was thereby the penultimate achievement and the journey then was at times being ignored. In the process, I suppressed my own sense of self to fit the mold that would map out this course of direction. As time passed, I checked off each of the things I managed to achieve and came closer to the materialistic and definable goals I had mapped. In the process, I ignored my own sense of self and ignored the journey it needed to fulfill. I had suppressed the journey of self in favor of reaching the destinations of the material life. It was not a negativity, just a lack of inclusion for an important facet that was being repressed.

In a similar way, I am finding now that the journey I have allowed myself to come to terms with within myself, is so much more valuable than reaching an end destination. Whereas my materialistic journey of accomplishments was more like traveling in a corporate jet piloted by those who could get me to my destination the fastest, my gender journey is realizing the necessity to travel by train and to peer out the window as the countryside passes by. I am the engineer of this train and I will travel the rails of life at a speed that allows me to enjoy the view. In this way, I may decide that in my journey to my destination, I have found a place that is so much better than where I had intended initially to travel. And because I travel with eyes open, looking around at the panorama unfolding out the window and not from high among and in the clouds at jet speed, I can gain the perspective to understand that it really is all about the journey and not the destination. My destination is the journey and the destination I thought to travel to, with my new found perspective, may not have been the place I was intending to go to after all.


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