Christen's First Mainstream Foray Out!

More than a few requests have trickled in regarding my first adventure out into the mainstream world last Tuesday evening and so here's the trip log and a little bit of what I was feeling and experiencing....

Although I had been out prior to alternative clubs as my true feminine self, I had not as of that point, ventured to great degree into the more busy realm of the mainstream world. Last Tuesday evening represented my first foray into the greater world and it was met with great success and validation.

The evening was to start with dinner at a mainstream Chinese Restaurant linked to a major mall. As we drove through the parking lot of the mall in multiple loops, it became more and more obvious that this restaurant would only be accessible by entering in through the Mall. This realization added a layer of subdued panic to that moment, although I composed myself to maintain authority of the impending situation. We parked in the garage under Nordstrom's and made our way to the elevators up to the store. Being dressed casually feminine in dressy slacks and low heels, I was in the hopes of not drawing any undue attention. As it were, we clip-clopped past the womens' department and out into the main alley of the mall. I made note, head held high and with calm poise, out of the side of my eye at the passing customers. In no instance did I note any glance upon me to be anything other than just that - a normal and casual glance. To be sure, at various points, I stopped and scanned my surroundings of the 360 degree panorama of perusing people and again, nothing. Certainly what I was hoping for but not what I was expecting.

We continued on to eventually find the restaurant, hooked into one of the side corridors and accessible by an elevator to the upper level. Disembarking, we found ourselves immediately in the waiting lounge just outside the restaurant. We approached the hostess who addressed us as ladies, and without hesitation, led us to our table where we met one other girl who had already arrived and had been waiting for us. The waitress promptly came over soon after we were seated, and, from her look we could tell that she knew we were just a bit special. Her initially trepid poise was overcome as we began to interact with her. We ordered a round of drinks and I used my best possible feminine voice to request a "Blue Hawaiian". Unfortunately, the waitress had never heard of a "Blue Hawaiian" and so this then required me to really interact in a more serious way in describing it more fully. I really could have used that Blue Hawaiian just before that point but alas this was not the case. The waitress never showed anything but a compassionate and respectful composure throughout the evening. By the end of the dinner, she was chatting with us, and even went so far as to let us know what nights she worked and to ask for her specifically the next time we came to dine.

Leaving the restaurant, we migrated back through the mall and became disoriented in Nordstroms as to where the elevators to the parking garage were. The clip-clop of heels on the hard tile floor ceased suddenly, and this sudden silence caught the attention of a store employee who immediately gazed upward and, without pause, asked "May I help you ladies?". Explaining our predicament, we were pointed toward the elevators and made our way back to the garage. Mission accomplished. I believe I only noted one genetic male in our sojourn, dressed in a suit, who gave us ladies a quick look and then what I determined as a "we've been made" smile of knowing, but in no way did we receive a negative response.

We were off to the Crown Plaza after this adventure, where every Tuesday there is a get together for cross dressers and transgendered ladies in the lobby bar. Again, we parked outside the hotel and clopped our way in through the main doors and across the lobby to the bar with no reactions to be noted. The bar itself was alive with chatter as a group of about 10 girls were seated in various forms of dress at a train of cocktail tables assembled together in the middle of the room. The Bar held patrons from the hotel as well as other transgendered individuals mingling juxtaposed to one another. The far corner of the bar was taken up with the weekly Scuba Diving Enthusiasts get together. This latter group caught my interest and I was able to engage at one point in conversation with them. Being an avid scuba diver myself, I found common ground in being able to discuss some of the great dive spots I had the opportunity to experience and to learn of other's stories.

We migrated later to the bar itself where the bartender knew many of those who were weekly regulars and she was quite comfortable in engaging with all of us in conversation. Joanne had a wonderful time as well and was put at ease by the fantastic company of those she was with. It was made especially easy by the two wonderful ladies from PE who made this a fantastic evening for her and for all. We will certainly want to repeat this adventure again in the very near future.


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