Transition Resources

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Transgender Basics - Understanding what it means to be Transgender - Great Video

One stop shopping for Name and Gender Change in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Transgender Political Commision

 Changing sex marker on a birth certificate - Listed by state

Transgender 101: A primer page

Listing of Diagnosis Codes for Doctors and Therapists for Billing

An excellent resource page for all who are transgender

Traveling by Plane - What you need to know from the TSA

Changing Your Passport:

Changing Gender Marker with Social Security:

Helpful Videos for Developing a Female Voice

Get the GRAM Voice Analyzer
Tutorial on YouTube

Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund

 Transgender Benefits at the Workplace...

Transgender-Inclusive Benefits: What are Clinical Guidelines?

If you work for a company that has 15 or more employees in it, you are eligible to file a discrimination report if you feel you have been fired or let go for the reason of simply being transgender:

Have you been discriminated against in the workplace?

LGBT Laws and Protections vary by state.... Find out what your state has to offer and where it may be deficient:

Transgender students now protected under Title IX against discrimination

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