Life is a Journey - Make sure you get the right roadmap to the universe

I'm quite sure I picked up the wrong one on my way out the door....

The Woman Within

Within the silence there are only screams
These sounds come not from within my dreams
They bellow with a deafening screech
But yet they are not within others reach

They can not hear what echos within
The deepest reaches of my mind therein
A voice which cries and is in pain
Is one of stress and great disdain

The cries are one and all the same
From deep within I hear her name
She wishes to be brought to light
Her life lies fettered and betrothed unto night

For years I did not heed her calls
It echoed in those cavernous walls
The chasm I dug within my mind
I buried her therein for so much time

Her sadness is heard in mourningful wails
From within my soul they do doth hail
I cannot answer her call I fear
For I shall lose what I hold dear

I look in towards her and can clearly see
That she is there looking back at me
I gaze upon her reflection clear
She looks backs at me and sheds a tear

I know this woman that I doth see
From her prison cell she smiles unto me
She no longer screams and tells me why
Imploring that she can no longer live a lie

I ask her what is it that I may do
To help her be both alive and true
To both herself and unto me
What can I do to set her free?

What I then hear her utter so clear
Her answer has me shudder in fear
Her words unspoken were oh so true
"For you to free me, I must be you"

-Christen B